Industrial Gelatin for Paintball

Industrial Gelatin for paintball can be used for paintballs. There are many types and colors of paintballs, and buyers have different requirements for paintballs. Industrial Gelatin for paintball can be used to make various kinds of paintballs with different colors. 

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Paintball is a round capsule filled with edible oils and pigments. When it hits someone or something, it forms colored marks that can be distinguished. The role of special industrial gelatin for paintball is to establish the optimal balance between elasticity and brittleness, so that the paintball is still intact before firing, only when it comes into contact with people or things , otherwise, it will not cause rupture, rather than damage.

Many factories and governments import this gelatin to make paintballs for outdoor field and military exercises instead of real bullets.

Industrial gelatin for paintball is used to make paintball casings. The unique function of industrial gelatin is its thermal reversible gel capacity. The gelatin-based formula will gel when cool and melt when heated. This conversion can occur quickly and can be repeated without significant characteristic changes.  Physical and chemical properties of gelatin, and its aggregation in the final product form a perfect stable system that can significantly prolong the shelf life of the product.  No matter what application, gelatin can glue ingredients or components together. Industrial gelatin has following characteristics:

u 100%natural,safe and healthy products with multiple uses.

u Light yellow or brown particles, no odor, no visible impurities

u The main structure, composition and performance of industrial gelatin still retain many characteristics of natural protein, so there is a natural affinity between industrial gelatin and leather fiber, fine industrial gelatin into a series of leather chemicals, used for leather retanning, filling, shading and finishing, will achieve the ideal modification effect.

It is easy to absorb water and become soft, soluble in hot water, insoluble in ether, ethanol or chloroform, but soluble in acetic acid, salicylic acid and other organic acids.The density is 1.37 g/cm 2

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